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Witch Crafted


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Absolute favorite podcast.

I actually took the time to listen to todays (9/8/22) for a couple reasons. One, I’m working a split shift and I wanted something different than the usual streaming binge. And two, this episode was about a specific thing that at this point everyone knows about so no need for additional details. Anyway. Josh and Amy had me rolling. It was a fantastic episode with serious notes but their banter in-between made it entertaining. Definitely will keep listening. Finally a podcast I cannot get bored with lol. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Witch Crafted, not just for witches!

Wonderful podcast, filled with lots of fun topics other than what you would think. Topics range from reviews, to seriousness, to just having fun!

Could listen all day!

Love how josh can go from fun just talking to the nitty gritty with all the facts on the table!