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Witch Crafted

Season 1

September 26, 2021

Finding Me

In our final episode of season 1 we come to a conclusion. I may not be as stable as I think. I am just kidding. We do a recap and I go over some final thoughts. Season 2 will focus on my present. So make sure to listen in on ...

September 19, 2021

Cosmetology and Work

In this episode, I talk about how Paul Mitchell The School changed my life forever. Not only did it change the way I do my hair but it helped me get a job! I also talk about my current job and give you a little advise about h...

September 12, 2021

The Art of Drag

In this episode, I discuss my love of drag and how I got started. Will I ever be on Drag Race, probably not. I do talk about some queens from the show and how drag changed my life forever. Art Work by: Jordan Snodgrass of Dre...

September 05, 2021


In this episode I talk about my past relationships. I talk about my first love, my secret love, my first marriage that ended up a triad, my second marriage and my relationship right now. Will some of them get mad, probably. Q...

August 29, 2021

Friends and Siblings

In this episode I talk about my siblings and then move on to my second family, my best friends. I go over some back stories of each person and how they influenced me. Will these friends appear on Witch Crafted? We shall see! ...

August 22, 2021

My Parents

In this Episode, I talk about my mother and father in detail. I go over how I feel about them and how my father is kinda the worst. Art Work by: Jordan Snodgrass of Dreamful Podcast Music by: @Ceeadidit on Instagram

August 15, 2021

Growing Up a Southern Gay

On this episode I talk about growing up gay in the south. I also go over my coming out stories and the dangers of trusting someone with your secrets. Art Work by: Jordan Snodgrass of Dreamful Podcast Music by: @Ceeadidit on I...

August 08, 2021


Welcome to Witch Crafted! I'm Joshua Lancaster and this is episode 1: Witchcraft. I talk about my experience with witchcraft and my thoughts on the trending love and light phrasing. Art Work by: Jordan Snodgrass of Dreamful P...